Kylie Jenner separated from Travis Scott: her grandmother Esther Jenner rocks!


Kylie Jenner’s grandmother, Esther Jenner, made several revelations about her separation from her daughter’s father, Travis Scott!

Several months ago, a big news came out on the web. And this is a news that clearly did not please users. Indeed, several media announced the separation of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott. They decided to put an end to their relationship. Several rumors also claimed that the young man had cheated on his darling. Rumors that he quickly denied on social networks.

He had balanced: “These false stories that accuse me of infidelities are simply not true”. In an interview with The Sun, Kylie Jenner’s grandmother spoke about the breakup. Caitlyn Jenner’s mother, Esther Jenner, said, “Not long ago, I talked about breaking up with Kylie. She quickly told me ‘we will be very good parents for her (as their daughter Stormi)’, as if she needed to defend herself.

Kylie Jenner’s granny also added, “But that’s what happens often. Today’s young people think they can live together and start a family without being married, but it does not work. ” According to her grandmother, it would seem that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott should have married to make their couple work. If some hope that the two lovebirds recover together, for the moment it does not seem to win.

For the moment, they still keep very good relations. On social media, the reality TV candidate said, “Travis and I are on very good terms. And our main focus right now is Stormi. Both of them decided to focus solely on their child. It remains to be seen whether they will get together again one day. Case to follow!

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