Kylie Jenner separated from Travis Scott: his amazing behavior when announcing his breakup!


Kylie Jenner’s love story with Travis Scott has ended … sad news for the community of the young and beautiful mom.

Kylie Jenner’s love story seems to have ended for good. Not long ago, the 22-year-old had moved closer to Drake and we could have wished she had a relationship with him … But it seems that the rapper is just looking for fun. A source close to the businesswoman, meanwhile, said that this rapprochement had only one goal: to make Travis jealous.

A scenario that does not seem to have worked since the two lovers have definitely broken. For example, Kylie Jenner’s grandmother Esther Jenner confided in the British newspaper The Sun. “Not long ago, I was talking to Kylie about breaking up with the baby’s father. Kylie quickly explained the situation, [saying] “We will both be good parents for her …” Young people! Today, they think they can live together, start a family together, without being married, it does not work! ”

It is true that Kylie Jenner’s grandmother does not specify whether the two lovers are really separated or if it is simply a question of marriage. Indeed, the young parents have not yet put the ring on the finger and nothing suggests that they intend to do so one day. Especially since Kylie remains quite discreet about her private life, especially about her relationship.

Moreover, the two stars met to celebrate Thanksgiving together! So, did Travis and Kylie really end their relationship? Anyway, it seems like they are doing a great job putting Stormi in the forefront and working together for the future of their daughter.


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