Kylie Jenner sells her ex-boyfriend’s gifts


Kylie Jenner sells her ex-boyfriend’s gifts. Apparently, the socialite says goodbye to her love past in the best way.

When you end a romantic relationship, it is common to keep those gifts you received from your ex-partner, sometimes it is because you keep them affection, another as a method of therapy and you get rid of them when you finally manage to forget it, or even get to water some things that They can serve someone else.

But it seems that Kylie Jenner is smarter, not for nothing has managed to become a billionaire with her makeup company. We tell you what she apparently does with the gifts of her ex-children.

According to The Neighborhood Talk portal, Kylie would have put up a necklace with the phrase “Traww” that rapper Tyga gave her for sale .

The necklace appears on a page called and is $ 395. We do not know the authenticity of the jewelry accessory, but if so, it is a good idea to say goodbye to those loves of the past and get some profit after a broken heart.

Other accessories, dresses, skirts and garments that Kylie and her sisters Kardashians have allegedly used are also sold on the page .


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