Kylie Jenner said ‘don’t be scared mommy’


US star Kylie Jenner posted a video of her daughter Stormi, who was born from her relationship with Travis Scott, lying on her knee, on her social media account. Jenner stated that at that moment her daughter called her “Don’t be afraid, mommy.”

The magazine star Kylie Jenner, who was on the agenda with a school bag worth 93 thousand TL, which she bought for Stormi the other day, this time released a video with her daughter. Jenner’s post, 23, shows her daughter lying on her knee.

Kylie Jenner’s video, which posted those moments with the note “Don’t be afraid mom said,” received more than 35 million views.


Kylie Jenner, who posted a photo of her daughter on her Instagram account the day before, announced that Stormi had started school. Jenner, who was seen to receive a backpack worth 93 thousand TL as a gift for her daughter, was on the agenda of social media for a long time.

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