Kylie Jenner reveals how spending time with Stormi in quarantine


Kylie Jenner reveals how spending time with Stormi in quarantine. The minor from the Kardashian-Jenner clan has been at her home for several days. The socialite has shared how the quarantine happens .

The United States is one of the countries in which there have been the most cases of COVID-19, the government has implemented several security measures so that a larger outbreak does not occur, such as closing vehicle traffic, not opening its borders, not allow flights from different regions of the world and ask its inhabitants not to leave their homes.

Due to the quarantine , Kylie Jenner has been at home spending time with her little daughter, Stormi , who has taught her many things, including patience.

Young businesswoman shared through social networks like is that grapples with the moment and revealed her secret in her stories of Instagram placed some details of her social isolation , saying the pregnancy of her first child helped her to wear these days inside your house .

The stories read:

‘I remind you to take the social distance in a serious way, stay in quarantine ‘

The pregnancy of Kylie Jenner was guarded for months, in which the media made many hunts trying to take the first pictures of the belly of the young mother, was until I gave birth to this news was confirmed, also she rose video to YouTube where she narrates the experience and the process she lived through.

Kylie made a special mention about this time in her life: ‘I’m on day 8, my pregnancy prepared me for this, so I didn’t leave my home for months at the time’

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She also gave a small recognition to all the people who are dedicated to treating these complicated cases of COVID-19 within hospitals, posting a photo of some doctors and nurses in action, with the phrase ‘ we will stay here for you, but please stay home for us. ‘


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