Kylie Jenner Reveals Her Secret To Bulky Lips


The celeb decided to reveal her beauty secret. Kylie Jenner earned her huge fortune thanks to her makeup company, since then, she has stood out for being the youngest billionaire in the world.

And although her physical changes were the target of criticism by some users, accusing her of having resorted to excessive surgery, the socialite decided to reveal the secret to show off bulky lips.

If her empire succeeded thanks to make up , it was obvious that Kylie has some tricks thanks to her products. Through her brand’s Instagram account, the celeb showed a mini tutorial to get a mouth like her.

Kylie used three makeups, a pencil to contour her lips, you have to do it over your mouth to give that volume effect, put your favorite lipstick and finish with a gloss to shine and highlight them.

We do not know if she only wanted to show off the results of her products, but Kylie has received criticism because many assume that her lips were operated and botox was injected, but she assures that everything is makeup.