Kylie Jenner reveals her most embarrassing photo


The entire Kardashian Jenner clan has undergone a great transformation and Kylie Jenner does not like to see how she was before she was one of the most famous women in the world, look at the photo that most bothers the businesswoman and that was shared by Kim Kardashian.

The memories are beautiful, because they are moments that are never repeated in life and lately Kim Kardashian has been a bit nostalgic, posting some photographs of the past on her social networks.

The Kardashians from their beginnings as celebrities used to visit luxurious places such as restaurants and stores where they did not hesitate to seal the moment with a photo session where they were smiling.

Kim Kardashian opened the trunk of photos and through her Instagram shared with her more than 189 million followers a snapshot where her beloved sisters Kylie, Kendall and Khloé appear, but the youngest of the Jenners did not like the image very much and thus reacted.


Kanye West’s wife wanted to share with her fans a memory from years ago and posted a picture of her, Kylie, Kendall and Khloé at the Benihana restaurant, a place specializing in Japanese food that was founded by Hiroaki Aoki.

In the photograph, the sisters appear very happy posing for the camera, but their appearance is different, since many years have passed in which they transformed and today their looks are very different.

Kylie Jenner did not think it was a good idea that her sister exposed her physical appearance from the past, where she was only a teenager without the lips that characterize her today and her immediate reaction was to leave a comment on the publication directed at Kim saying :

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Delete this immediately

Kylie’s request was not heard and the photo is still available on Kim’s Instagram feed. Do you think the Kardashian Jenner sisters have changed a lot during this time?

The post of the fashion businesswoman already has more than 3 million likes and in the comments section her fans are leaving their first impressions and opinions about the iconic moment of Kris Jenner’s daughters.

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