Kylie Jenner resumes her “Rise & Shine” at the Justin Bieber auction!


Kylie Jenner made the buzz with her famous phrase Rise & Shine and it became her trademark. Besides, she sang in front of Justin Bieber and he went crazy!

Several months ago, Kylie Jenner made headlines with her phrase “Rise & Shine”. There have been numerous occasions and fans have taken this as his trademark. Thus, the starlet uses it to put herself forward and she is very proud of it. So, she caused hysteria a few days ago when she was at a charity gala.

Kylie Jenner first released Rise & Shine when she entered her daughter’s room and wanted to wake her up. Since then, her sentence has been repeated and she has had great success. So, this weekend, the starlet went to charity auctions with her mother Kris Jenner. During the event, she spoke in front of everyone to sing her sentence. Justin Bieber was very happy that she did this and he went crazy!

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During the auction, Justin Bieber sang several songs and he seemed in great shape. Indeed, he interpreted Love Yourself or Never Say Never. The latter set the mood and everyone was watching him. However, after singing, he encouraged Kylie Jenner to go on stage and sing. The star lent herself to the game and for a few seconds she sang Rise & Shine.

As soon as the two words were spoken, the audience got carried away. So, in the video, we can see that Justin Bieber becomes hysterical and he starts running around Kylie Jenner. Hailey Baldwin’s husband and Jaden Smith were reported to have screamed and run across the room because of the starlet. In any case, these few words had a funny effect on the singer and nobody was indifferent to the passage on stage of Kylie Jenner!

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