Kylie Jenner responds to criticism of her body change


The celeb responded to the comments they made about their physical changes in this video.

Recently, an exchange of comments has become popular among some fans of Kylie and the celeb , this occurred after an account decided to post a video of Jenner as a throwback, remembering her presence at an important event, however, some decided to point out her opinion on the body of the celeb and she did not want to remain silent.

This is a clip of Kylie during the opening of Sugar Factory in the city of Las Vegas, in which we see her approaching some fans to pose and take pictures next to her. After the kyliesna snapchat account published this memory from three years ago, another user commented on the post, exterminating her impression and saying that Kylie looked very thin at the time.

Someone else stopped by this comment and added that Kylie Jenner certainly looked much better back then. What none of these users expected was that Kylie herself would read what they were saying and that she would also take the time to answer them.

The celeb’s comment was brief but it was also enough for people to stop talking about the way their bodies have changed. Kylie simply said ‘give birth to a baby’ , making it clear that beyond what others think, she is responsible for your body according to the situations she is experiencing.

This was a comment Jenner made for people to remember that while everyone may have an opinion about the rest of the people , they shouldn’t take a role where they think they have the power to judge or attack them for it.



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