Kylie Jenner recalling Halloween from her past


In the company of her mischievous partner, Kylie Jenner shared photos eager for this year’s Halloween

It is well known that the businesswoman, model and socialite, Kylie Jenner loves these coming dates with all her being, since she has always enjoyed dressing up on Halloween.

This is how she let it be seen in her most recent publication from her official account on Instagram, well, she has shared two tender photographs of when she was a little girl and enjoyed running through the streets of her city disguised and asking for “candy or trick.”

There are two charming images where the youngest of the Jenners appears with a couple of peculiar costumes that completely touched the audience.

In the first photograph, we can see the iconic Jenner sisters holding hands, in their beautiful costumes, just before going out to ask for their respective sweets.

It is well known that the union that exists between Kendall and Kylie has always been the strongest, as for all the sisters of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, and this is how these geniuses of entertainment have shown it on this occasion.

In the second image, the two sisters appear in the same way, however, in the image the charming costume of Kylie is focused, a detail that has enchanted her millions of followers and friends.

The image shows us little Kylie dressed in the emblematic red teletubie: “Po”, staring at the camera, causing the biggest and most touching sighs, behind her appears Kendall, in a different tune, however, it can be appreciated that the model dressed in the yellow teletubie: “Lala”.

Photography has unleashed from tender laughter to moments of nostalgia because, it is more than clear that both have already grown up and stopped being small, and now they are a couple of women empowering them in the business and fashion world.

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The publication already has almost 6 million red hearts, representatives of the “like” within the recognized application, likewise, so far it has received more than 16 thousand comments, where both the Kardashian sisters, the matriarch of the family and close friends have commented on how beautiful girls were when they were little.

As well as, there is never a lack of comments from users who follow the beautiful socialite, who do not stop reminding her how beautiful she is, thousands of emojis of hearts present, although, for the dates, this time it is about orange hearts , brown and black, as well as the typical faces in love and this time emojis of ghosts and pumpkins alluding to the emblematic date.

It should be noted that both Kylie and Kendall are madly in love with the date, because we all know that the sisters are looking forward to any meeting or exclusive party with the theme of costumes to cause a stir and be the most admired by all those present, and later, by users on social networks.

In addition, it is necessary to say that this publication is not the first that Kylie has done so far in October, she has previously made a publication where she appears with her distinctive costumes, very much in the Kylie Jenner style, without a doubt, we are eager to The costumes that she will use this year, because she has not given us any kind of advance, she only shares her feelings about the date, we are just as excited as she.

We still cannot forget the emblematic costume that the beautiful businesswoman wore last year, where she customized the iconic little mermaid Ariel to her style, using a high bib skirt with sequined scales and a purple sea shell bustier that stood out. to the maximum its incredible curves.

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