Kylie Jenner Ready to Ditch ASMR Videos on YouTube?


Kylie Jenner showed off her amazing talents for ASMR! The star posted a satisfying video on Instagram. And her fans loved it!

Is Kylie Jenner considering getting into ASMR? The It-girl shared an amazing video on her Instagram profile. It unveils a beautiful holiday landscape with relaxing sounds. We show you!

It’s no secret that Kylie Jenner loves to post on social media! Indeed, the young mother shares many photos and videos to inspire her fans.

Recipes, make-up tutorial, outfit of the day… the star gives her community a lot of advice on the Web. And the latter is therefore considered a real model for many young women!

But that’s not all ! Kylie Jenner also has another passion: that of filming her incredible travels. The young mother often publishes breathtaking landscapes! A good way to make your subscribers travel with her!

Yesterday, Kendall’s sister hit hard! The star unveiled an impressive video on her Instagram page. This time, the top shows us a sublime sunset towards her infinity pool. We love !


Kylie Jenner decided to film the scenery to provide a real experience for her fans. Indeed, the top lets the sound on the video enjoy the calm of the ocean.

We can admire the sublime orange sky while listening to the sounds of nature. We love !

This ultra relaxing video was therefore unanimous on the Internet. It must be said that the images are fascinating!

Fans loved Kylie Jenner’s talents as a videographer. And many of them are asking him for new ASMR sequences!

So, will the star convert and launch an ASMR channel on Youtube? Case to follow! Either way, the bomb blew her fans away with this amazing video!


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