Kylie Jenner puts an end to her extra long nails and does a new manicure!


In this third week of confinement… Kylie Jenner has made a decision! Indeed, the latter decided to remove her false nails …

Kylie Jenner has decided to put an end to a real must have for her … False nails! Indeed, the young woman used to show her new manicure every week …

Only here, this time Kylie decided to reconnect with the natural during this confinement! So, she removed her false nails to make way for natural! “No more false nails”, she wrote in her Instagram story two days ago!

Thus, the beautiful Kylie Jenner decided to bet 100% on the natural! So she chose a nude color that suited her perfectly! We let you discover the result at the end of this article!

Obviously, Kylie Jenner’s fan account, “Kyliesn snapchat”, hastened to revive the photos and videos of the billionaire! Thus, Internet users have commented en masse on the new nails of the business woman!

Or again: “Finally! Her super long nails were really too much! I don’t know how she managed to take care of her daughter with such claws! Anyway, there, Kylie, you’re much better like that! ”

Can we read on the social network! Messages that will please Stormi’s mom!

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