Kylie Jenner presents her own fall look on Instagram!


New buzz for Kylie Jenner! The star reveals her new look for the fall and throws all Instagram into a panic!

New buzz for Kylie Jenner! The star reveals her new look for fall and throws the whole Instagram into a panic!

Indeed, Kylie Jenner is at the center of all discussions today! Between her outfits always at the forefront of fashion and her disguises, the beauty never ceases to panic the web!

Followed by more than 200 million followers on Instagram, each of her posts is all the rage! And for good reason, Kylie Jenner does not miss an opportunity to show us her new outfits, each one sexier than the next!

Unsurprisingly, a few hours ago, Kylie shared with us a new ultra hot look for this fall! As she crouches on the floor with her legs spread and her right hand resting on her knee, she’s taking a picture of herself in her mirror!


Showing us her new look, Kylie Jenner is actually wearing an ultra tight jumpsuit with a psychedelic pattern!

Y2K trends are back in this new look with a knee-down flare effect. Kylie Jenner also paired the bodysuit with an XXL leather jacket featuring a thick green fur-effect collar and cuffs!

To complete her total look, Kylie matched her outfit with black velvet heels and a leather handbag.

Fans of the pretty blonde also seem to like it too! In less than 24 hours, she has therefore accumulated more than 6.5 million likes under her post!

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Not to mention all the admiring comments from the fans! “You look like a bomb,” wrote one admirer, alongside a fire and heart emoji. “I love the color !!!” or “This outfit loves green on you,” wrote another fan, with a fiery emoji.


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