Kylie Jenner plays Miss Claus in a red dress!


Christmas is an opportunity for Kylie Jenner to appear very sexy. Stormi’s mom set the web on fire in an alluring red dress!

For the Christmas holidays, Kylie Jenner has gone all out. The American influencer surprised her fans by appearing in a very sexy red dress.

The pretty brunette has played the card of sobriety to celebrate Christmas with all her little family. However, the flashy red dress she wore delighted her community.

Over 5 million people have liked and approved the outfit worn by Kim Kardashian’s half-sister. A few hours before posting the photo, Stormi’s mom announced the color in Story.

Very active on the web, the young woman had posted videos of her mom, as she was getting ready for Christmas Eve. “I did my mum makeup myself,” Kendall’s sister wrote.

After taking care of her mother, Kylie Jenner thought of her as she showed off her make up. Special mention to her red hair, which matches the outfit.


So you guessed it, Kylie Jenner is crazy about Christmas parties. The pretty brunette always has fun cooking up the dishes for her daughter.

Little Stormi always cares about helping her mom prepare the table. For two years, she has thus accustomed her followers to the traditional Christmas Cookies preparation video.

The opportunity for her community to see the influencer at work. Kylie Jenner may therefore have several assistants by her side, she likes to do things on her own.

The very sexy red dress was therefore chosen with care by the young woman in person. She therefore proudly displayed herself on social media, to the delight of her fans around the world.

And by that, we mean preparing the meal, setting the table, entertaining guests, and choosing her most beautiful sexy outfit for the occasion … Kylie Jenner doesn’t want it!


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