Kylie Jenner nostalgic for her blonde hair? She says more!


Obviously very nostalgic, Kylie Jenner has just posted old photos of her that date from when she had blond hair!

Kylie Jenner is in a nostalgic mood! Indeed, on Instagram, Stormi’s mom has just posted old photos of her when she had blond hair!

Kylie Jenner just shared several photos in her story! In all the photos, the young woman with blond hair! Pictures accompanied by several messages like this one: “Damn, I miss my old blonde! In recent years, it is true that the young woman is born no more follies with her hair. Indeed, it has definitely returned to its natural brown!

If Kylie Jenner is very nostalgic for her blonde hair … Internet users prefer it in brown! Indeed, many of them have commented on his old photos which we invite you to observe below! She’s magnificant, is not she ?

Like her big sister Kim Kardashian, Kylie loves to change her hair look! Pink, blue, blonde, short hair, very long … The business woman went through almost all styles during her adolescence! However, since Kylie became a mom, the young woman has obviously decided to stay simpler and bet on the natural! A brown that suits him wonderfully … However, Kylie Jenner is nostalgic for her blond hair before!

However, Internet users seem to prefer it in brown! Indeed, many Kylie fans commented on her photos in her story! “You were very beautiful in blonde … But I must say that I much prefer Kylie Jenner in brunette! “Or” Brown suits you better! It’s much more natural! Your blonde looks really fake … I didn’t like too much so stay brown please! »Can we read on the social network! Messages that should finish convincing the 22-year-old young mother!


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