Kylie Jenner in the mountains: she poses in a dream setting! (VIDEO)


Kylie Jenner is very successful and she works for many brands. The star did a very nice photo shoot in the mountains!

Kylie Jenner is very influential on the net and she highlights many brands. The starlet went to the mountains to take a photo shoot and she is sublime!

Kylie Jenner is a big hit on social media and is followed by millions of fans. In addition to appearing in Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Stormi’s mom is developing her brands. Indeed, in recent years, she has asserted herself as an outstanding businesswoman. In fact, in 2019, the star was named as the youngest billionaire.

Kendall Jenner’s sister doesn’t want to rest on her laurels. So, she continues to promote her brands and makes some product placements. With more than 157 million subscribers, Kylie Jenner is a very influential star. So, she very often works with brands and she has the chance to pose in dream settings. Not long ago, she went to the mountains for a photo shoot!

Kylie Jenner wasn’t just in the mountains to ski with her daughter. Indeed, she took the opportunity to make a photo shoot. Thus, on Snapchat, the starlet shared some videos of this famous filming. We find her with long, blond hair and she poses in a white dress. The star is in a very beautiful setting but she says she was cold during the shooting! In fact, according to her, it was only 1 degree and it was surrounded by snow!

The starlet was still entitled to very beautiful photos and she is dazzling on the pictures. We suspect that she will soon post on Instagram some pictures of this shoot. In any case, Kylie Jenner seems proud of the result and her fans will still fall under her spell. Indeed, she leaves no one indifferent and it is clear that she knows how to highlight brands!


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