Kylie Jenner: many Stormi birthday gifts unveiled!


Kylie Jenner saw the big picture for the 2 years of Stormi. And the star has planned many gifts for her daughter! Check out the pictures!

Kylie Jenner is celebrating Stormi’s birthday today. For the occasion, the star has prepared a nice surprise for the little girl. Quickly discover all the info!

Today is an important day for Kylie Jenner. And for good reason: his daughter Stormi blows out his 2nd candle! The pretty brunette has therefore thought of everything for her princess. She left gifts in her living room to surprise the little girl when she woke up. As always, Kylie shared the result on Instagram. And it’s rather surprising!

Indeed, we can see a dozen packages on the picture. But that’s not all ! Stormi was also spoiled with a cute pink car and a unicorn on wheels. No doubt: the 2 year old girl is likely to appreciate the surprise prepared by her mother! And Kylie Jenner is anxious to find out her reaction. She writes in caption “So looking forward to my baby waking up!” “. Like what, nothing is too good for Stormi!

Kylie Jenner didn’t just give gifts to her daughter. Indeed, Kim’s sister also took her daughter to Disney World a few days before her birthday. The little girl was therefore entitled to a princess stay and a private jet ride! Unbelievable ! At only 2 years old, the child already has a star life!

It’s not uncommon to see Stormi on Kylie Jenner’s social media. The star does not hesitate to display her daughter on the canvas. We can follow the adventures of the duo on a daily basis. And the least we can say is that Kylie and Stormi are not bored! The latter had a dream stay in Italy this week. The little girl does not need to celebrate her birthday to be spoiled! What do you think ?


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