When Kylie Jenner makes up Kim Kardashian like her! (VIDEO)


Kylie Jenner had fun making Kim Kardashian her lookalike. The 2 sisters participated in a makeup session for a YouTube video.

After the children, it’s Kim Kardashian’s turn to let her sister make up. Kylie Jenner turns Kim into her YouTube lookalike!

Kim Kardashian yesterday revealed North’s artistic talent. The 6-year-old girl seems very comfortable with makeup. So she tried to turn her siblings into a clown. Today, it’s the Chicago mom who lends her face to her own sister for a make-up session. Kylie Jenner improvises as a professional makeup artist and has fun sublimating Kim.

On Kylie Jenner’s latest YouTube video , the star staged a makeup session. As a model, she therefore called on her big sister! Kris’ daughters then confessed that they had been trying to “do this for years!” ” Finally, they were then able to realize their common dream. Neither one nor two, Kylie then grabbed her Beauty Blender to start sublimating her sister in a cute candy pink universe.

For Kim’s make up, Kylie Jenner wanted to clarify that she had only used products from her family. “I did Kim’s makeup with KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics. Including the new shade of Girls Trip lipstick released on January 22. ” So has told mom Stormi under the video before announcing to his sister: ” I’ll make you the glam look that I do every day. ”

While working on her sister’s face, the two reality TV candidates were able to answer many questions asked by fans on Twitter. Among other things, Internet users have learned that Kim’s first crush was Johnny Depp. The handsome Taylor Lautner was then that of Kylie Jenner . In any case, Kylie’s look has literally conquered Kanye West’s wife!


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