Kylie Jenner: her love photo with her daughter Stormi!


On her Instagram account, Kylie Jenner shared a photo where she revealed all the love she had for her adorable daughter Stormi!

This Wednesday, June 16, Kylie Jenner shared a new photo on her Instagram account that clearly made the buzz. Indeed, she unveiled the cutest shot in the world with her adorable little daughter Stormi.

The two also took the laying pose, in the process of making papouilles and a big kiss. For her part, Kylie Jenner’s daughter put her hand on her mother’s face in the most adorable way.

In caption of her Instagram photo, Kylie Jenner also wrote: “I love this little baby so much that I want to have sex … sometimes I look at her and cry, knowing that she will never be so small again”.

Kylie Jenner also asked, “Who knew that something so small could take up most of your heart.” God made no mistake with you baby Stormi. Behind the scenes of the shooting ”.


With her photo, Kylie Jenner has collected more than 11 million “likes” from her fans. An impressive figure. With her picture, the young woman will almost break records of “likes” on the social network.

In the comments, his subscribers did not fail to compliment the mother and her baby daughter. It must be said that they melted the Web. But that’s not all. Her sisters also left a message.

This is the case of Kim Kardashian who also wrote: “She is so lucky to have you for mom”. Khloé also added: “Amen Kylie! It is the best ! You’re the best ! Being a mom is the most magical experience. ”

Kourtney Kardashian also revealed on his side: “Mommyland”. The sister who did not comment remains her sister Kendall Jenner and her brother Rob!


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