Kylie Jenner in Kris mode: she wears her mother’s favorite glasses!


Kylie Jenner has just posted a sublime photo of her on Instagram “disguised” as Kris! Indeed, Internet users loved this post!

Kylie Jenner just raised the temperature a notch on Instagram! Stormi’s mom has just posted a series of very sexy photos of her… And above all, where she looks strangely like Kris!

Kylie Jenner knows how to show off … And she proves it! Indeed, the business woman posts daily very sexy photos of her on Instagram! This time, it is in a look very similar to that of her mother that we find her! She wears a black dress and big sunglasses!

People loved Kylie’s photo … which you can see below! Indeed, the snapshot has more than 6 million likes on Instagram! Many comments are also present under the post! As for Stormi’s mother, Kylie writes in legend: “Call me little Kris! »In reference to his mom! So we let you contemplate the photo in question below!

Kylie Jenner is sexier than ever in this shot! Indeed, she wears a very tight black mini dress, as well as a dream brushing! Obviously, to add a “Kris Jenner” touch, she also wears big sunglasses! Kylie’s mom’s favorite accessory!

Many Internet users have commented on the post in question! Indeed, messages all more benevolent than the others have multiplied! “I love this photo of you Kylie Jenner! You look a lot like your mother like that … But younger, and also much sexier! “Or even:” You’re hot on this photo Kylie! Your mom must be so proud of you! »Can we read on Instagram! Messages that will please the mother and daughter!


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