Kylie Jenner and Kendall: Their favorite TV program unveiled


Kylie and Kendall got together yesterday to watch the Bachelor together! A romance show that hits the headlines in the United States.

Surprise! Kylie Jenner and Kendall are literally addicted to a reality TV show …

Between sisters, Kylie Jenner and Kendall love watching reality TV together… And it’s not The Incredible Kardashian family! Both women love watching the Bachelor! So, in her story, Kylie posted a video of her watching this romance show!

In the United States , this reality show has been around for years, and above all the number of viewers is enormous! Last night, like many Americans, Kylie and Kendall sat down in front of their TV to watch an episode!

Kylie was in the company of her sister Kendall, but also of another person , a woman from behind! Back from vacation the young woman was lying down, but especially on a drip! So let’s hope that the 22-year-old billionaire has nothing serious …

The video in Kylie Jenner’s story was taken up by the fan account “Kylie snap chat”! They have also written in legend. “Kylie and Kendall are looking at the baccalaureate!” Who else is watching right now? Who do you want to win? ”

Many people have therefore commented on the fact that the two sisters are addicted to the Bachelor! “Me too I watch, I did not know that they followed this emission ! It’s too good, it’s just my favorite program ! » Can we read on the social network!

Or again: ” I too am watching the Bachelor! At the same time … Who is not watching? ” ” My dream that Kendall Jenner and Kylie do the Bachelor … Especially Kendall … She has struggled to find a guy! It would be so funny! »Can we also read in the comments ! A post to find below!


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