Kylie Jenner is a fan of Jennifer Lopez’s brand “JLo Beauty”


Kylie Jenner has fallen for Jennifer Lopez’s new cosmetics brand! And the star did not hesitate to congratulate her friend on Instagram!

Kylie Jenner shared her latest beauty favorites on Instagram. And surprise! The It-girl fell in love with Jennifer Lopez’s cosmetics brand.

It’s no secret that Kylie Jenner is addicted to social media! Indeed, the pretty brunette can’t help but share her daily life on Instagram. And not a day goes by without it wreaking havoc!

The young mother is also one of the most followed personalities in the world. She has over 215 million subscribers who follow her adventures over the hours. Unbelievable !

Kylie Jenner therefore has a real influence on her community. Her publications are still touring the Internet and are very successful!

Kendall’s sister inspires thousands of people with her photos. She takes the opportunity to promote her favorite brands.

Yesterday, the American star shared her latest favorites via her Instagram story. And surprise! Jennifer Lopez’s brand is one of her beauty essentials!

J Lo decided to go into cosmetics a few months ago. And her brand JLo Beauty has already won over millions of Internet users, including Kylie Jenner!


Kylie Jenner filmed her favorite products on her Instagram account. We can then discover the new collection of Jennifer Lopez exclusively!

Creams, patches, masks… the top has the entire JLo Beauty range! And the latter is completely fan of their packaging.

Kylie Jenner filmed each product to show off to her fans. She also took advantage of her publication to congratulate her friend. A huge publicity stunt which may therefore please the Latin bombshell!

Kylie once again proves her generosity with this amazing story. Indeed, the bomb is also at the head of her makeup brand “Kylie Cosmetics”. But that does not prevent it from giving visibility to JLo’s products.

Like what, the bomb is not afraid of competition. It must be said that the sales of its products continue to break all records around the world!

So, are Kylie Jenner fans going to indulge in another celebrity’s products? Case to follow! Regardless, the bomb has won unanimous support with its beauty story!

Internet users love to know about Kylie’s favorite products. And her latest seem to share her opinion for “Jlo Beauty”. Some even claim a collaboration between the two stars!

So, would Kylie Jenner and Jennifer Lopez consider getting together for a brand new cosmetics collection? Case to follow!


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