Kylie Jenner Introduces Her Luxury Shower At Her Villa!


Kylie Jenner keeps unveiling the pieces of her luxurious villa in Los Angeles. She is very proud of her very large shower on Instagram.

Kylie Jenner bought a beautiful villa several months ago. The starlet showed off one of her favorite pieces on Instagram and showed off her luxurious shower!

Kylie Jenner loves her villa and doesn’t hide it! The young woman first rose to prominence with her sisters several years ago in Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Since then, she has met with enormous success and created a real empire. Indeed, her brands make her a lot of money and everything she touches turns to gold!

So, in 2020, Stormi’s mom was named the highest-paid celebrity in the world with $ 590 million earned in one year. The starlet does not know what to do with her money and even calls herself a billionaire. So she wanted to move to another house last April and did not choose just any villa.

Indeed, during lockdown, Kylie Jenner indulged herself and bought a villa in the upscale Holmby Hills neighborhood of Westwood. Her stunning home is worth over $ 36.5 million, including seven bedrooms and over 1,400 square meters of land. Not to mention that she has a tennis court just for her!

Kim Kardashian’s sister is very proud of her purchase and doesn’t hide it. She keeps showing off pictures of the many rooms in her house and flaunts herself sexy. However, not long ago, she gave a little glimpse of her huge shower.


Kylie Jenner fans love being able to check out the rooms in the star’s house. So, this Sunday, January 17, the 23-year-old wanted to show off one of her favorite places in her villa. Of all the bathrooms, she showed off her biggest shower on Instagram.

Thus, we can see a space all in pink marble with flowing water. It is clear that the celebrity has room to shower. There is even a small marble bench so she can sit down and enjoy the hot water a little more. The place is comfortable and everything is to Kylie’s tastes!

Indeed, she has carefully chosen the color pink for her bathroom, since it is one of her favorite colors. “My shower,” she proudly wrote in an Instagram Story. Tower is very tidy and the room is designed and very modern. Enough to make fans want to test his shower and stay there for hours.

Finally, Kylie Jenner isn’t afraid to show everyone her fortune. The young woman does not deny herself anything and bought a private jet, which she gave to her tastes. Then, her fans can especially see her posing near her superb cars or even near her beautiful outdoor swimming pool in her villa. Kylie truly lives like a real princess!


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