Kylie Jenner in grumpy leather style on Instagram


Kylie Jenner has style, and everyone validates her everywhere. Including when she pouted. She still remains so classy and sexy.

A little grimace will therefore not alter her sex appeal. Indeed, Kylie Jenner has just appeared as sexy as ever dressed in leather. A style validated by its community. This, despite his most grumpy grimace.

As Kylie Jenner sulks about the future of the holiday season, here she is, posing, sexy as ever. As an it girl celebrated around the world, it’s obvious!

His style still appeals to the fan community as much as it has built over the years. She therefore released the big game for her subscribers.

On Instagram, we discover Stormi’s mother, as beautiful as jaja. Well dressed, she is radiant, bathed in light in her apartment.

Kylie Jenner also wears a very beautiful set, which will surely make all her aficionados green with envy. You could say she has taste in fashion!

“I’m wearing my new ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ kit today,” she said, alluding to a Christmas movie, showing a very cranky character. “I am really in love with this discreet red, perfect for the holidays”.


A new lipstick that will therefore be appearing in stores by November 19. It was an opportunity for Kylie Jenner to do a little shoot to present her product.

The young woman was just as cranky as the Grinch. However, even with a grimace, she remains sublime.

Kylie Jenner has also expertly tied her hair in a long braid that puts her forward. Just like its shapes, sublimated by its leather ensemble.

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A top photo shoot, validated by his followers, who severely beat the likes counter. Make-up, outfit, grimace, we like everything!


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