Kylie Jenner in Christmas fashion for Kylie Cosmetics


Kylie Jenner was very sexy in Christmas fashion, to promote her makeup brand Kylie Cosmetics. We tell you more!

Kylie Jenner showed off super sexy in a Christmas-themed outfit to promote her new Kylie Cosmetics collection.

Kylie Jenner is a true business woman. Indeed, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan owns several successful brands. Among them, we find in particular Kylie Cosmetics, its ultra trendy makeup brand, but also Kylie Skin, its cosmetics and skin care brand. Class!

And when it comes to promoting one of her brands, Kim Kardashian’s little sister knows how to do it! Eh yes !

In fact, on Insta, after teasing the release of her new pink Kylie Skin collection and Before Kylie Skin calendar, Kylie Jenner is now promoting her Christmas collection with Kylie Cosmetics. Crazy, right?

Yep, the youngest of the Kardarshian Jenner clan never stops!

We tell you more!


Kylie Jenner never does things by halves. So inevitably, after releasing a Christmas range for Kylie Skin, the business woman had to do the same for Kylie Cosmetics.

It is now done! Awesome !

Indeed, on Insta, the pretty brunette is already starting to tease her new Christmas special Kylie Cosmetics collection. Too cool, right?

So, under a photo where she appears sexier than ever, in a green sequined dress reminiscent of a Christmas tree, Kendall Jenner’s little sister had fun making her fans guess the theme of her new collection:

“Can you guess the theme of my Christmas collection this year … answer TOMORROW”

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So, would the new Kylie Cosmetics collection be related to trees and therefore in green tones?

To find out, more than waiting for tomorrow!


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