Kylie Jenner in a mini-bikini she sets the canvas on fire!


Kylie Jenner, still pretty on social networks. In short, Travis Scott’s supposed girlfriend appears sexier than ever.

It’s an open secret: Kylie Jenner is a huge hit on Instagram. No wonder her photo in a micro bikini so panics the Internet. She’s even sexy there like jaja.

Although winter has come its way, Kylie Jenner still loves splashing around. The sublime it girl is displayed in a bikini in her swimming pool.

A cliché that must not have gone unnoticed given the slew of accounts following Stormi’s mother. Indeed, it has 200 million subscribers on the counter.

Either way, she’s still very successful on the web. In less than 24 hours, his followers exploded the likes counter, and the post was quickly put in trend.

We must admit that Kim Kardashian’s little sister is still so sublime. Her bikini sublimates her even more, making her as sexy as ever.

She opted for a pastel yellow, matching the pair of glasses that adorn her head. However, the size of Kylie Jenner’s bikini makes it look like it’s going to explode.


Yes, she knows how to highlight her XXL breasts in short. With her fiery gaze, she makes us gaga, to pose like a pin-up in the water.

Kylie Jenner displays a top make-up, certainly waterproof. He gives her a smoky look, while her lips are highlighted with a pale pink gloss.

It also seems a priori obvious that our Kylie Jenner went to the manicurist. Her pretty hands have candy pink claws on one side, striped on the other, which look great on her.

In any case, we can say it, this shot still testifies to his sense of style. Classy, ​​sexy but not vulgar, his aficionados love him: 9 million likes!