Kylie Jenner: Her little Stormi talks about stylish outfits!


Stormi, Kylie Jenner’s daughter still continues to make the buzz. This time, the Web is attacking its very extravagant outfits!

Like Mother like daughter ! Stormi may only have THREE years on the clock, but she’s no less stylish than Kylie Jenner. We can even say that it is on the way to dethroning it in short.

Kylie Jenner inspires fashion-savvy moms around the world, after all! Indeed, his daughter, Stormi seems to be following in his footsteps.

Styled like Jaja, Travis Scott’s daughter shows off a flawless style just as much as her mother. Proof that we are dealing with a future it girl, who knows?

In any case, his early taste for fashion and luxury things are talking. We already know she is a fan of Birkin, just like Kulture, Cardi B’s daughter.

On Instagram, Kim Kardashian’s niece looks more stylish than her mother herself. Something to shade her, even though she hasn’t left the sandbox.

As we know, Kylie Jenner loves to match her daughter, or at least, her daughter to match her outfits. Dressed to the nines, the little girl is all about a fashionista!


We can say it: Stormi makes us melt with her angelic face. She looks even better in the outfits chosen by fashion guru Kylie Jenner.

Small blue bag, oversized brown leather pants, and a white tank top… She has style, this little one. As tall as three apples, her style is already at the height of her glory.

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Small special mention to his metallic gray sneakers which are having an effect. We also note that she is just as addicted to the smartphone as her mother, Kylie Jenner and her 205 million subscribers.


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