Kylie Jenner: her gigantic indoor pool impresses her fans!


Kylie Jenner unveiled her new craze on Instagram! The star fell in love with a vacation chalet with a huge indoor pool!

Kylie Jenner has made the buzz on the web again! Indeed, the star has unveiled her impressive vacation home in Aspen. And surprise! The star has a huge indoor pool! A detail that did not escape his fans!

Kylie Jenner is starting the year on a roll! Indeed, the star has rented a luxury chalet in Aspen to relax with the family.

The it girl then spends her days skiing with Kendall Jenner or her mother Kriss. But that’s not all ! The clan also took the opportunity to rest in the warmth of their vacation home.

As always, Kylie Jenner saw the big picture for her stay. The star has selected an ultra luxurious chalet for her little family. And the least we can say is that she doesn’t deny herself!

The pretty brunette chose a fully equipped chalet: private cinema, bowling alley, or even XXL lounge with panoramic views of the landscape! Unbelievable !

But beware ! Another detail caught the attention of his fans. And for good reason: Kylie Jenner’s house also has a gigantic indoor pool!


This Sunday, the young mother filmed a little room tour of her vacation home on Instagram. She thus unveiled the major asset of her residence: an indoor swimming pool!

But beware ! Kylie Jenner didn’t choose just any pool! This is located in the middle of the living room and opens directly onto one of the many lounges! Unbelievable !

As always, the story of the star has therefore made the buzz on the web. It must be said that his holiday chalet is very impressive!

As always, many Internet users have reacted! And some to Kylie Jenner for her too luxurious lifestyle! And you, what do you think of this latest craze of the star?


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