Kylie Jenner has been accused of taking fake photos!


Starlet Kylie Jenner is accused of sharing fake photos on Instagram! We give you more details. Are Kylie Jenner’s Instagram Photos Fake?

Yesterday, the young starlet of the Kardashian-Jenner clan shared photos of her New Year’s Eve. Kylie Jenner has indeed posted a series of photos with her sister Kendall Jenner on her Instagram account.

But the young woman was surely not expecting the reaction her followers were going to have on social media. Indeed the latter think that the young woman posted fake photos!

For them, Kylie Jenner simply used a green background to fit into a winter setting. We see her strike a pose in the snow.

Even though the photo of the young woman has garnered more than 5,728,000 likes, the subscribers do not seem very kind to her in the comments. We tell you everything!


So, Kylie Jenner’s fans accused her of posting fake photos on Instagram. In the comments, fans were quick to let him know.

“It looks like the background has been changed” writes a user. “Photoshop man” can we also read.

“You used a green background to embed yourself in this photo. »Writes another subscriber. “Has she finally learned to use a green screen?” Asks another subscriber.

Subscribers are therefore certain that the young woman used a green background to change her photos published on Instagram. You can check out the shots in question at the end of this article and judge for yourself.

It should be noted that fans have already accused the Kardashian-Jenner sisters of retouching their photos. This is the case with Kylie Jenner’s big sister, Khloé Kardahian. The latter had been accused of retouching her face on a large number of Instagram selfies.

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