Kylie Jenner goes to the Louvre in Paris!


Yesterday, Kylie Jenner posted several photos as she posed on a balcony overlooking the Parisian rooftops! A post that Internet users loved!

Indeed, her French fans were delighted that the young woman was in Paris! Later, in her story, the young woman went to the Louvre!

Indeed, the mother even posted a photo of the Mona Lisa via her Instagram story! A snapshot of Kylie Jenner that we let you observe below!


A few hours ago, Kylie Jenner’s fan account “Kylie Snap Chat” posted several photos of the star as she left the Louvre! Indeed, on the shot in question, the young woman was in the company of her friend Fai Khadra but above all she was wearing a mask!

A post that Internet users have commented on en masse! MCE TV therefore invites you to discover some Internet user comments, each one more adorable than the next! “She’s so lucky to be in Paris, it’s my dream to go! “” Simply too beautiful Kylie! ”

Or: “But with Fai they never leave each other … It’s Travis Scott who might be jealous! “” Canon in this simple outfit Kylie Jenner, nothing sublime! »We can read on the social network of the fan account!

Pictures of Kylie in Paris taken by photographer “Tiziano.raw” on Instagram that we let you admire below!

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