Kylie Jenner generates a high impact by showing her natural hair


Kylie Jenner generates a high impact by showing her natural hair. The successful long, voluminous and black mane of Jenner’s youngest is not natural …

One of the most popular articles on social networks that always gets a lot of visits are the ones that show the ‘before and after’ of celebrities, and a comparison of Kylie Jenner with an image of her adolescence next to A current one.

It is undeniable that the physical aspect of the celebrity turned into the youngest self-made billionaire in the world has changed greatly since her family’s reality viewers knew her as a child, and not just because of age.

She herself has gone from resisting to confirming that she had retouched her lips to speak with total naturalness about the miraculous effects of the infiltrations and the difference that a good makeup can make with the proper hairstyle. And the truth is that it does not exaggerate.

The last publication she has made in her social networks has left her fans speechless because in it she shows her natural hair, which does not resemble at all the lustrous hair to the waist that usually looks in her public appearances.

In the video that has risen to her stories, it can be seen sporting a mane over her shoulders in a kind of coppery color with darker roots that she was precisely touching up when she made that recording.

In mid-February, before heading to the Bahamas, Kylie presented her new image on Instagram after switching to the side of the blondes opting for an ash tone, but as it is the same young woman who has normalized and popularized the use of Wigs among the new generations, nobody was sure if it was a permanent change. Well, now it has been confirmed that the hair was dyed and that it also uses the extensions so that the hair grows overnight.

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