Kylie Jenner Encounters Animal Activists!


Starlet Kylie Jenner Was Surprised By Animal Activists During Her Shopping Spree! We tell you everything. Kylie Jenner faces animal activists on her shopping spree!

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians starlet was out on the streets of Beverly Hills. Indeed Kylie Jenner has decided to take a little shopping spree.

In fact, the woman had the Balenciaga boutique privatized so that she could shop in peace. Just that ! The latter was also accompanied by her mother Kris Jenner and her boyfriend Corey Gamble.

But while the young woman was shopping, Kylie Jenner was interrupted by animal activists! Indeed the latter shouted slogans such as “Wear your skin”. In order to denounce the use of animal furs.


The activists therefore denounced the business of luxury brands that still use animal fur. It’s unclear whether the activists were targeting Kylie Jenner directly, but she did get stuck in her car anyway. Eh yes !

Indeed, the militants did everything to block his road. The young woman was still able to count on her bodyguards who were able to ensure her safety. Eh yes !

Last January, Kylie Jenner shocked the web with a Louis Vuitton mink tap dance photo. Especially since it had just published the photo of a koala rescued from the fires that hit Australia. “It breaks my heart” could be read.

Internet users therefore found that the young woman was really hypocritical. Last year, too, she got a lot of talk after appearing in a fox fur! Just that.

The highest-paid star of 2020 is therefore not unanimous on social media. Eh yes ! Especially with animal rights activists! Without surprise.

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