Kylie Jenner and Drake in a relationship? They share a romantic moment


Kylie Jenner and Drake in a relationship? They share a romantic moment. In recent days, Drake and Kylie Jenner are closer than ever. A source even reports that their relationship would be “romantic”.

Kylie Jenner does not plan to stay single for long! Indeed, the mother of Stormi and rapper Drake are closer and closer …

A month ago, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott decided to separate. If people first thought that the couple would get back together quickly, it seems that this is not in the program. Indeed, Kylie has already turned the page.

Indeed, the 22 year old mother lives her celibacy thoroughly. A few days ago, she went to the rapper Drake’s birthday party. But that’s not all, during the event, the two personalities were more tactile than ever …

If the couple’s rumors began on Drake’s birthday, they were confirmed at the rapper’s Halloween party. Indeed, Kylie Jenner did not fail to go there wearing her best suit! Moreover, the young woman has, it seems, had a very good evening at the side of his host. Indeed, a source reports that she and him would have spent “romantic” moments, but not that visibly … Since it is part of the evening that the next morning! Cliches of her returning to her car have been taken.

A future couple who will not be validated by the big sisters of Kylie Jenner. Indeed, Drake and Kanye West hate each other. A few months ago, Kim’s husband had asked his rival to stop following his wife on Instagram … Obviously, the latter has therefore fallen back on the youngest of the family.

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