Kylie Jenner and Drake: Their relationship is not serious!


The rumor has been running for weeks! Kylie Jenner and rapper Drake would indeed have a secret relationship! Yet their relationship is much more complex than that …

Since her separation from Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner has been enjoying her new life as a bachelor! Indeed, Stormi’s mom got very close to rapper Drake. Last month, the latter spent two evenings with the Canadian artist. So, she was present at her halloween party and her birthday! A closer than suspicious …

However, a source told US Weekly that their relationship was “purely platonic”. Indeed, Kylie Jenner is still very close to her ex Travis Scott, which complicates things. Some even swear that the business woman would have approached Drake only to make his ex-boyfriend jealous …

A source close to the two protagonists came to shed light on the nature of their relationship. “Drake has always had a thing for Kylie, and it’s mutual. They hang out together from time to time. These days, a lot more, because Kylie Jenner is technically single now. In addition they live right next to each other. They have known each other and his friends for a very long time. They always had a spark. But their situation is complicated … “he declares to Cosmopolitan.

But that’s not all ! This same source also reveals that Drake would be chilled by the fact that Kylie Jenner is mom. “Kylie and he do not want to compromise their friendship. Donations they do not want to go beyond major borders. Drake has no intention of assuming a fatherly role for Stormi. He wants to have fun without any conditions and to have a friendship with her. So they support each other. ” That has the merit of being clear.


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