Kylie Jenner denies any lawsuit about “Rise and Shine”!


Kylie Jenner continues to talk! This time, it’s because of his song, now cult: “Rise and Shine”. Indeed, Internet users accuse him of filing a complaint against all those who use this expression …

Remember, a few weeks ago, Kylie Jenner was making a video on Youtube where she presented her daily business woman. However, the netizens had retained only 4 seconds of the video … The moment when Kylie wakes her daughter in song. Since then, these three words “Rise and Shine” have become a real hit!

A buzz that Kylie Jenner has quickly turned into a business. Indeed, the daughter of Kris Jenner took the opportunity to leave the merch in the effigy of the song in question. For no competition, it is now said that Kylie will sue anything that would do the same thing … What the star denied in a tweet.

If the beautiful brunette has indeed filed the brand “Rise and Shine”, she does not forget that the expression does not belong to him. Indeed, on Twitter, Kylie Jenner has denied all the rumors of lawsuits. “To all, I take you, do not believe everything you read. I did not file a complaint against those who used Rise And Shine. This song was an unexpected moment. I had a lot of joy with that. Since the video was released, I laughed a lot with your montages. Wrote Kylie Jenner.

Statements that have not convinced the net users. “If she dropped the mark, it’s because there’s a reason. When we do that, it is so that no company uses this phrase as a slogan. She knows what she’s doing. Let her stop saying that it’s just fun when she had to make millions with the Rise and Shine t-shirts she sold. Can we read on Twitter.