Kylie Jenner Dazzles With Drastic Change Of Look


Businesswoman Kylie Jenner is back on everyone’s lips on Instagram with a drastic and incredible look change.

The socialite, businesswoman and designer Kylie Jenner once again called everyone’s attention on her Instagram account for an incredible change of look , leaving behind her black hair to more blond tones.

There is no day that Jenner does not surprise us with something in her social networks, because this time she decided to say goodbye to her iconic black hair and say hello to a beautiful golden blond with which she looks phenomenal.

Yesterday she shared a photo on her Instagram account and of course the reactions were not long in coming, her followers flattered her new look, in addition to pointing out how beautiful she looks with that color.

“New vibes, “Kylie wrote caption. ”

Previous days she had surprised us with her bob-like mane that apparently was not so much to her liking so she decided to go one step further and add this to one of her many look changes that had been made in the past, this being the first time What this tone looks like.

With just seventeen hours of publication, the image has more than nine million likes and thousands of comments.

Months ago Jenner always stood out for her rainbow colors in her hair but apparently she has already decided to take a somewhat more elegant path with black and now her new tone.

Many think that it may be one of her many wigs that she has, the funny thing is that a few days ago Khloe Kardashian posted a photo on her Instagram account where she asks if it would be good to return to the blonde. Maybe this has been an inspiration for the new look that Kylie decided.

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Whatever the reason or if it is just one more wig, it has certainly been one of the looks that have made Kylie Jenner shine the most .


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