Kylie Jenner: her daughter Stormi is still addicted to make-up! (VIDEO)


As they say: like mother, like daughter! Indeed, Kylie Jenner and Stormi are both passionate about makeup!

Kylie Jenner has just posted a video of her daughter Stormi on Instagram. On the images, we can see the baby applying lip gloss in front of the mirror, the smile on his lips … While we hear Kylie’s voice!

The post in question made more than 16 million views… A real buzz! However, Internet users are far from having appreciated this video! Indeed, there are many in the comments not to understand why Kylie Jenner lets her daughter play with make-up. In the meantime, we suggest you watch the video below.

Make-up is a real passion for Kylie Jenner. Indeed, in one of her videos posted on Youtube, the mother explained that she considered this as therapy. “I feel good when I wear makeup. These are moments when I clear my head. Like when I drink my coffee in the morning … It’s therapeutic. A passion that his daughter Stormi already seems to share with his mother. In fact, at just one and a half years old, Stormi is already using makeup. In a recent video Kylie even said: “It’s crazy … It haunts him! Stormi even recognizes when I wear lipstick. She says, “Mum mouth”.

But netizens don’t understand why Kylie Jenner lets her baby use makeup anyway. “All babies love to touch everything… And therefore especially lipsticks. But, that’s no reason to allow him to take Kylie! It’s not good for your skin… Besides, it’s not a toy for children… ”Can we read in the comments! Messages that are therefore likely to make the young mother think.


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