Kylie Jenner: daughter Stormi becomes a photographer


Kylie Jenner just posted an adorable video of her daughter on Instagram! Indeed, in the images, Stormi is holding a camera in his hands … Somag News tells you more!

Kylie Jenner has just found the photographer of her dreams … This is her two-year-old daughter, Stormi! Indeed, the 22-year-old mother gave her a sublime camera!

Thus, the daughter of Travis Scott and the young billionaire continues to take photos with his new toy! An activity that seems to delight his mom! Indeed, the latter posted a video of her daughter at work today!

“We have a photographer here! Kylie Jenner said while filming her daughter taking photos! A video that fan accounts of the beautiful brunette were quick to repost!


As with every Kylie Jenner post in Insta Story, her fan accounts were quick to repost the video on their respective accounts! Many Internet users have commented on this Stormi video!

Indeed, the latter have not, as usual, been stingy with compliments! Somag News therefore invites you to read some adorable messages from Internet users!

“Kylie Jenner’s daughter is too beautiful!” It shows that she will be an artist, like her father! Anyway, this is her spitting image and she seems to have the same posed character! “Stormi is so far ahead of his age!” I love this video, it is doing great! ”

Can we read on the social network Instagram… Messages that Kylie will therefore appreciate! We therefore invite you to watch the video in question of Stormi taking photos!

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