Kylie Jenner confined: she has fun with pastries!


An activity like any other. Confined to her home, Kylie Jenner therefore makes time pass by tasting pastries. The young woman thus shared her feast. All in his Instagram Story. And it’s delicious. Look.

Following the measures taken by the United States government, she cannot leave her home. So, Kylie Jenner therefore remains confined to her Californian villa. What a pity. Passionate about cooking, the young woman took advantage of being at home to indulge in an activity. And the latter is appreciated. By many. She makes delicious pastries. Enough to put water in the mouth of his followers. Look.

So his followers were able to learn that Kylie Jenner had therefore cooked … cinnamon rolls. These cinnamon rolls are an institution across the Atlantic. Locked in her house for several weeks, the young woman prepared a stock of pastries. But not only. She can enjoy them on her sofa with her little Stormi. And share it all on Instagram. What luck. You can not find ?

Already this winter, Kylie Jenner took over her YouTube channel. The young woman made cookies. For the holiday season. These were shaped like Christmas characters. His little daughter, born from his relationship with rapper Travis Scott, had thus gotten his hands dirty. So cute. And the result was more than satisfactory. You remember ?

Fan of food, the billionaire does not stop publishing photos of dishes. All in his Instagram Story. Because after the cinnamon rolls, it’s a delicious pizza covered with cheese and pepperoni that has invaded the Instagram account. The American influencer is therefore hungry. Very hungry. And so we understand it.

That’s not all. Kendall’s sister posted a puzzle. Still in Story Insta. Above, we see several donuts. Of all the colors. Confined to her home, would the young woman want to brave the prohibitions to go out to buy candy? She would therefore be able to do so.

At the same time, France is in quarantine. The country is more affected than ever by Coronavirus. On social networks, several videos show entire families rushing to basic necessities. But also on food. Including pasta. Hoping that Kylie Jenner has made her provisions. If the containment measures were to be extended further. We wish him, therefore.