Kylie Jenner collection Grinch x Kylie Cosmetics!


Kylie Jenner has unveiled a new video for the promotion of her new Christmas collection. And as always, the bomb is super sexy!

Kylie Jenner continues to bluff her fans! The it girl shared a great video to promote her Grinch collection. And the least we can say is that she doesn’t do things by halves! Quickly discover his sexy teaser!

Kylie Jenner has been talking about her over the past few days. Indeed, the top unveiled the novelties of her make-up brand for Christmas.

The star’s new products have therefore created a buzz on the web. And for good reason: the latter has imagined an unprecedented collaboration for the holidays!

This year, Kylie Jenner decided to put the Grinch in the spotlight. She thus imagined a whole range in the colors of the famous character. We love !

But that’s not all ! Kim’s sister left no stone unturned in promoting her collection. She also did a superb shoot for the product packaging.

Yesterday, the young mother then unveiled the first images of her teasser. We can discover it in an all-green Christmas setting like the Grinch universe. Unbelievable !


The bombshell wears an ultra sexy look in the video. Indeed, she approaches a very indented green dress that reveals her dream curves!

Kylie Jenner stares at the camera with a fiery gaze. She goes through the poses and gives a glimpse of her XXL chest and her ultra flat stomach. It didn’t take more to win over his fans!

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The star has thus collected more than 5 million likes with his sexy video. She was also entitled to thousands of compliments.

“Canon”, “Too beautiful”, “It’s sublime”, “Wow, I validate” can we read among the reactions. So it’s no fault for Kylie Jenner! No doubt: his Christmas collection promises to be explosive!


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