Kylie Jenner very close to Drake: these photos that make the buzz!


Kylie Jenner very close to Drake: these photos that make the buzz! Drake and Kylie Jenner seem closer than ever these days! Photos published by the Daily Mail prove it moreover …

Kylie Jenner enjoys her celibacy thoroughly! Indeed, since her break with Travis Scott, the business woman has been seen very close to Drake …

A month ago, Kylie Jenner decided to separate from her daughter’s father. If the reasons for this break are still unknown, fans of the former couple thought that they would eventually put the cover! Yet it is not so! Indeed, Kylie seems to appreciate her celibacy. Indeed, the young woman takes the opportunity to even meet. So, for two weeks, Kylie seems closer than ever to Drake.

Since the rapper’s birthday, the rumor of a couple is swelling. Indeed, Kylie Jenner was very close to Drake, throughout her birthday party. From now on, other proofs confirm this hypothesis. These are pictures of Kylie Jenner leaving the house of Drake … Just that!

It’s the Daily Mail that posted the photos. Indeed, the site tells that Kylie Jenner went to Drake’s Halloween party. The evening was held at Deliah, a place very popular with the stars. Only, Stormi’s mother would not have left at the same time as everyone else. Indeed, Kylie was prized in the photo leaving the party … The next morning. It would seem that the latter greatly appreciates the presence of Drake at his side …

Following the publication of these cliches, the Net surfers hastened to add their grain of salt. “No, but Kylie Jenner loves rappers this one! Travis Scott, Tyga, now Drake! She will really leave us none? Or again: “I dream! No, but here it is flagrant offense, it is to see her head … It is sure they are together! Can we read on Twitter.

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