Kylie Jenner celebrates Stormi’s birthday and boasts the celebration of her 3 years


Stormi Webster is celebrating her 3 years of life and, of course, Kylie Jenner already showed off the celebration for this birthday.

The luckiest girl in the world, also known as “the showers”, woke up surrounded by balloons and an emotional message from her millionaire mom on Instagram, where she burst into tears to see her grow up.

This is how Kylie Jenner celebrated Stormi’s birthday

Kylie Jenner moved half the world with the message she wrote to Stormi (who we don’t know if she already knows how to read), because she remembered how her little daughter has grown, from when she started talking until she learned to go to the bathroom alone.

Thank you, God, for sending me this little soul. I’m crying today because I can’t stop time 🥺 it’s all the little things I’ll miss like your pretty voice and our long talks in the bathroom. Seeing you experience everything for the first time has been the best part of these last few years 🤍 but on the other hand, I’m excited to see you become the most special girl I know you will be and all the amazing things you will do. Happy birthday to my baby forever !!!! ” Kylie Jenner wrote.


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Of course, not only Kylie Jenner celebrated Little Storm’s new birthday, but also Travis Scott, her dad, who made a strange poem rhyming the number 3 for her years of life.

“3 is greater than 2
3 more years of love, that’s true
3 inches more you could have grown
3 more years, a lot to do!
Happy birthday to my Lil Storm Storm 🤎🤎🤎🤎 ”.


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This is only the beginning of the celebration for Stormi Webster, who year after year has shown that her Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott throw the house out the window in order to give it extravagant surprises , just like last year when they did a whole fair with decorations and rides with her face.

As well as the millionaire gifts that with only 3 years she has received, because Stormi is the daughter of one of the richest women on the planet and does not hesitate to give her the best.

What surprises will make us wish we were born Stormi this year?


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