Kylie Jenner blonde: she opts for an ultra comfortable look on Instagram!


Kylie Jenner surprises the canvas with her latest look. She poses in casual attire on Instagram, something to delight her millions of fans!

Kylie Jenner chose to wear jogging pants for her latest Instagram post. In addition, she changed her hairstyle! We show you everything!

Kylie Jenner resumed operations at the start of the year. The 22-year-old star continues to develop his Kylie Cosmetics brand. Indeed, the young woman always has new ideas. First, she often releases new products and does not hesitate to promote them on her Instagram account.

In addition, Kylie Jenner is not shy about collaborating with family members. Indeed, she has already released collections with Kim or Khloé. Besides, the young woman is about to release her very first collection with her daughter Stormi. So, she filmed behind the scenes of her photo shoot. For the occasion, she wore butterflies in her hair. This new range is likely to hit home!

Kylie Jenner is also the queen of social media. She is constantly posting photos of her latest looks. Fans are always on the lookout and constantly commenting on his posts. Besides, in the last one, she chose to put on a simple outfit: tracksuit and Nike sneakers. She also wears a square blonde wig. It suits him. Thus, the photo received more than 3 million likes and we understand why!

However, Kylie Jenner continues her plans and she does not intend to stop. She is still filming the next season of the show: The Incredible Kardashian Family. In addition, she risks putting new videos on her YouTube channel which is a hit. However, she does not post often. But each video has millions of views. It must be said that it is followed by more than 156 million fans on social networks! An achievement that allows him to remain a very influential personality!


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