Kylie Jenner is a young businesswoman who has earned a lot of money thanks to her makeup; However, it seems that his life as a socialite needs a lot of help to organize and be aware of everything that the life of a celeb requires.

However, it seems that Kylie has run out of her right hand, Victoria Villaroel, her personal assistant who, after 5 years, decided to end her professional relationship with her.

The rumor that circulates in the portals about his probable resignation is that Victoria wants to be an influencer, since she has gained many followers in her social networks after working with Kylie. Are you determined to take advantage of the attention provided by Jenner’s employee?

So far, Kylie has not given statements about it, but Vic wanted to clarify what is being said about her and posted a message through her Instagram stories: “Stop believing in everything you read.”

Victoria explained that her resignation occurred a year ago, it is not recent and they are still great friends. He said that he will simply now take his own path professionally. Apparently, the decision to be an influencer is not confirmed, he said in an interview for the Girl Cult podcast. She wants to find what she is passionate about and is trying to find ways to carry out the ideas she has.

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