Kylie Jenner appears with Travis Scott in attractive outfit


The beautiful socialite and businesswoman, Kylie Jenner left Instagram at her feet after posing and showing a lot of herself for the famous social network and Kylie Skin

Se ve debajo, Kylie Jenner aparece junto a Travis Scott en atractivo atuendo(INSTAGRAM)

The beautiful model and socialite, Kylie Jenner, continues to be one of the most liked and sought-after models on the internet today.

On this occasion we will address his last Instagram publication, in which he promises to give us a big surprise or at least this is what he wanted to do in his stories, since there he commented that he had uploaded new photos but scratched it all so that we cannot see who he was meeting and cause a little intrigue.

That’s right, the unexpected happened, Kylie Jenner appeared again with Travis Scott, the father of her daughter Stormy, they appear very close so it does not seem on a visit from the rapper to see his daughter, but most likely have attended an elegant event together or have simply decided to dress in their best outfits to show off in the photograph.

Recall that rapper Travis Scott sought to live a single life and musical success, which he is already doing, but even so it is very likely that the two still have something, it could be that in some future they even reunited, without However, this is only speculation from the fans because so far they have not confirmed anything but they have very excited their followers with this news.

We hadn’t seen them this way for a long time and the best of all is that they look happy, while Kylie is posing in a daring way facing the camera and wearing an elegant outfit that consists of a cape that reveals everything underneath, a body and many glitters, the famous American appears with his gold chains, both belt and collar, his shirt, which he lifts and then takes it off completely and obviously both demonstrating how powerful and famous they are.

If Kylie Jenner normally has many likes on this occasion, she broke her record because she managed to collect many more than 11 million likes in a very short time, so we can appreciate the great attention that this reunion caused, which nobody expected and was exciting news for many who would like to see them together again.

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In the stories of Kylie Jenner we can see that she is enjoying the launch of her new makeup line very much, in fact she showed us the comments section, where people who have bought her products freely express themselves saying that they are of great quality and that They liked it a lot, so they will continue to support the young socialite in her undertaking, being at this time one of the richest businesswomen in the world.

This is how the young woman also showed us a little more about her personal life where we could see that she placed new nails and that she is always in beauty treatments to improve her appearance so she enjoys looking and feeling good about herself and much more with everything he has achieved in recent months, which despite being a prison, has generated quite a few projects.

Finally we saw a story that made a great impression on us because he was watching a movie so it is very likely that he invited Travis Scott to see it and the most interesting of all is that they were in his c @ ma, something that could mean more than a reunion, it could even be a reconciliation.

For the moment everything remains a mystery and we can only appreciate a little of what they already share with us and make us happy for their achievements since she is a very talented girl who has also proven to be a visionary taking advantage of her great fame and popularity to generate much more than he had imagined all thanks to the incredible positioning of his family the Kardashian Jenner clan.


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