Kylie Jenner appears with the latest Travis Scott sneakers


Kylie Jenner would she be in a relationship with Travis Scott again? It’s possible. On the Web, she immortalized herself with her sneakers.

Kylie Jenner has just made the buzz on Instagram. On this social network, the it girl has unveiled a photo aboard her private jet . But a detail also puzzled Internet users. The young woman wore Travis Scott’s sneakers!

We no longer present Kylie Jenner ! The young woman continues to do the show in “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” . During one episode, her sisters Kim and Kourtney argued violently in front of the cameras. So obviously, the sequence went viral on the Web . In parallel to all this, the incendiary brunette also continues to manage her make-up and cosmetic brands.

It is thanks to this business that Kylie Jenner became a billionaire . If the young woman has a busy daily life, she does not forget her role as a mom. The love of her life is her little Stormi . It is also the fruit of her past relationship with rapper Travis Scott. But after several years of relationship, the couple had decided to separate.

The reason ? Travis Scott allegedly cheated on Kylie Jenner during their relationship. Faced with these accusations, Stormi’s father then denied everything. He always had a lot of respect for his daughter’s mother. During numerous interviews, the star also confided that he had been injured by all these hallway noises. In any case, the lovebirds seem to have given themselves a new chance.

Unlike her sisters, Kylie Jenner is fairly discreet about her private life. However in the past, her ex-boyfriend Tyga has appeared several times in “KUWTK” . But with Travis Scott, the pretty brunette wants to act differently. The star wants to protect her secret garden. For example: she had also hidden her pregnancy from the world .

Kylie Jenner had then formalized the birth of her daughter through a sublime video on YouTube. In the sequences, the young woman had revealed new images of her plump little belly. But lately on Instagram, the pretty brunette has been buzzing! The reason ? The star immortalized in her private jet.

But take a good look at Kylie Jenner’s shoes ! These would be Travis Scott’s sneakers. Would Stormi’s parents be in a relationship again? Everything is possible. The young woman may have wanted to formalize things by giving a subtle clue to her community. To be continued…