Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott separated: he would go out with his mistress!


Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have recently been separated, but new rumors say the rapper would be in a relationship with his mistress. We explain to you!

This is one of the most publicized couples in the world, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott do not have privacy. As much to tell you that each of their break is seen commented by the media! However it seems that there is something new between the two stars. We hear from the young woman that Drake would pay court, even if the rumors were denied.

Despite their breakup, the young couple remains close for the sake of their child Stormi. That’s what gave the fans hope, the fact that they have a child together. However, this seems impossible given the latest news about Travis Scott and the woman who would attend.

Indeed, he says in the corridors that the rapper would be in a relationship with a young woman who is not unknown to him. Because as revealed by Ace Showbiz, Travis Scott would have returned the cover with Rojean Kar. This is the Instagram model he allegedly cheated with Kylie Jenner. In addition, he would proudly display it and she would accompany him on his tour as reported by a source. She also reveals having seen them at a basketball game.

“She was sitting in the lodge where I worked. Then Travis brought her to the beginning of the game, then came back 3 times to see her during the match “before adding” At the end of the match, he went back up, they sat together and joined hands and had a drink. This is new that will advance the business of the couple! Poor Kylie Jenner, we hope this is all wrong.