Kylie Jenner and Stormi share a great resemblance


Kylie Jenner is surprised by the resemblance she shares with her daughter Stormi. The socialite does not miss the opportunity to share her life through social networks, with incredible photos taken from her mansion, selfies with her best outfits, or the memories of her trips and vacations on the beach, but she also shares moments with Stormi , with whom she shares a great resemblance when she was little.


Through her Instagram Stories, Kylie Jenner shared an edit that shows the socialite with her daughter Stormi, the series of photographs shows a comparison between Travis Scott’s little daughter and the youngest of the Kardashians, who was surprised by the traits so similar and inherited from his daughter.

The publication was created by a fan through her kyliekboom account, which has already registered more than 26 thousand likes. The author of the photo collage was inspired by the joy and great smile of Stormi, who posed in an orange shirt in the middle of the mansion she shares with her mother, also complementing her outfit with a bun hairstyle adorned by her chinos.


Stormi has become the most envied baby in the world, not only for the toys and gifts that any child desires. Their great resemblance was demonstrated in the photos where Kylie was a little girl, wearing dresses and a smile just like her daughter’s, in addition, it seems that the shape of the nose and the bright and huge eyes is another of the traits that both share.

It is not the first time that Kylie and Stormi become twins, the socialite has also combined her outfits with her baby, who has some of the same outfits, but in its miniature version. They both make a great team and never lose their style, becoming a fashion trend and social media.

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Despite the euphoria that Stormi causes, Kylie Jenner revealed in an interview that she sometimes worries about exposing her baby to the public, as the internet is full of negativity, but tries to teach her that this is how they had to live, although are in a privileged position it can be a little crazy to understand that there are always people trying to take photos of you on the street.


Recently, the socialite aroused dating rumors with Fai Khadra, a great friend of the Kardashian family and with whom she traveled to the city of love: Paris


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