Kylie Jenner and Amber Heard reacted the same Way after they were accused of being irrelevant after flying on a private jet


One of the youngest billionaires in the world with a private jet on request and an actress from the list of the best with exorbitant monthly rent for a house have recently caused a serious negative reaction. Both Kylie Jenner, known for the TV series “Kardashian” on Hulu, and Amber Heard, known for “Aquaman” (and the recent libel case against Johnny Depp) are facing criticism related to the inconsistency of their personal files. But that’s not the only thing they have in common— because they both also had the same response to the accusations.

Kylie Jenner took a detour after the hype on a private jet

Earlier this week, Kylie Jenner posted a picture on her Instagram showing her and Travis Scott’s private jets, which are reportedly valued at more than $70 million apiece. Consequently, the comments section was torn between claims that the beauty mogul is insensitive to climate change due to her alleged flights in less than 20 minutes, and claims that she is “out of touch with the average person.” struggle.

Yes, everyone loves deals at Target — even the highest echelons of wealth and influence. However, did Kylie Jenner’s humble TikTok do what she thought it was doing? I mean, after all, cluttering up an entire cash register conveyor belt with toys is not entirely understandable for everyone, especially in this economy.

It’s reminiscent of the time when she was #Relatable with her posts about using Postmates — only her annual bill was somewhere in the five digits. Or at the time, as viewers of the 1st season of “Kardashian” (now it is broadcast on a Hulu subscription) recall, when she wanted to feel “normal” by driving her Mercedes-Benz through a car wash for $12 with her mom.

That’s not the goal, but Amber Heard has a similar place in mind

Now Amber Heard’s #Relatable issues are a little different from Kylie Jenner’s. As wild accusations rang out during the trial against her ex-husband Johnny Depp in June, it was reported that she was renting a house for a whopping $22,500 a month. In truth, this is far from the $450,000 a month that the Jenner family rents for last year’s New Year’s holidays. Nevertheless, Hurd’s estimated monthly rent did not look too good after the dramatic outcome of the trial.

The former couple has been going back and forth in court with drug and spousal abuse charges throughout their marriage. Ultimately, the jury awarded Johnny Depp $15 million in its verdict, which was reduced by the judge to $8.3 million after he took into account the statutory laws of the state of Virginia and $2 million, which the actress also won. After the decision, Hurd’s lawyer shared on The Today Show that the actress “absolutely will not be able” to compensate for the damage owed to her ex.

The Justice League star said she would appeal the decision. But at the same time, Amber Heard has apparently adopted Kylie Jenner’s approach, looking more attractive as questions about her finances linger. According to the New York Post, Heard was spotted by viewers shopping at TJ Maxx. Again, we all love TJ Maxx, but then again, the 36-year-old’s situation probably isn’t quite like that, since she was in the franchise when she was in the Hamptons over the summer.

But hey, celebrities are just like us. Right? Maybe they’re just here to catch up on all the exciting shows on Hulu or what’s next on the 2022 movie schedule, like me.