Kylie Jenner accused user Tik Tak of lying about a baby screaming in her house after he posted a viral video


There is an insane amount of intrigue associated with everything related to Kardashian and Jenner, but fans are interested not only in what famous family members do on screen. People also need all the mundane details, which became apparent when the driver’s TikTok post went viral after he described his adventure, which consisted of “delivering pepperoni to Kylie Jenner.” However, after the driver said that he was able to look inside her house and heard a child’s scream, the billionaire entrepreneur clapped her hands and accused the driver of lying.

Instacart employee Pablo Tamayo looked flustered — and said he was “nervous” and “shaking”—when he got a call to deliver some products to makeup artist and reality TV star billionaire Kylie Jenner. Describing the assignment in TikTok, Tamayo said that a member of her security service led him through the gate and along a path “with a river under it,” giving him the opportunity to look into “the whole house,” where, according to him, he heard a child. shout. The “Life of Kylie” star responded in her own post to challenge the claims, and in a deleted comment (via Life&Style) Jenner wrote:

no one passes through the gate! a river ?? there is no river. Lying to attract attention rubs me wrong, sorry. there will be a recipe soon, lol . . . I didn’t order this for myself. ! he WAS prompted through the app. he also lied about what he saw through my windows and heard my son crying. ??

Kylie Jenner’s Ticktock showed her with Travis Scott and daughter Stormy eating a delicious-looking sandwich that looked like it had pepperoni delivered by Pablo Tamayo. Despite the Instacart driver’s statement that “it’s literally $12 for a fucking pepperoni, that bitch could have paid me more,” Jenner said he received a tip through the app.

A number of commenters on both TikTok posts seem to believe Kylie Jenner’s version of things, as the driver seems to be handing over the delivery to Jenner’s security team, and it’s unlikely that the driver will be asked to follow him home. Regardless of whether he was “lying to get attention,” as the founder of Kylie Cosmetics claimed, Pablo Tamayo really seemed excited about the unexpected encounter with a celebrity, as he posted several comments about how he feels: “and in response to Jenner’s post with her sandwich, he said: “I KNOW, that I really fed them.” Look at the excitement in his original post:

@thisisntpablo (opens in a new tab)

I CAN’T DO THIS SHIT, I just delivered Kylie Jenner 😭😭

♬ original sound – Pablo Tamayo (opens in a new tab)

Being so recognizable, Kylie Jenner can’t go out and buy herself groceries, as we know from the episode of The Kardashians in season 1. In “Where I’ve Been and Where I Want to Go,” the mother of two and Kris Jenner enjoyed doing “ordinary” things, such as washing cars and refueling their own gasoline. The makeup mogul also said that she likes to choose her own products at the supermarket. It’s good that she always has Instacart!

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